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For over 115 years Mangatrai Pearls has cherished heritage, style and innovation. Its legacy is inextricably linked to the spirit of its visionary and founder, Mangatraiji. 

In 1905 Hyderabad, Mangatraiji, then 23, lay the foundation for what was to become a renowned company years later. This company specialized in the distribution of Pearls. The first store was inaugurated near the iconic Charminar of Hyderabad – The Pearl City.

His dream was to handcraft exquisite and exclusive jewellery, found nowhere else – something he wanted to see worn heartily and favoured by people looking to make their celebrations special. 

Mangatraiji’s ambition was to bring back secrets lost in time, and to unlock its beautiful deigns in modern, hypnotic pieces crafted with utmost love, passion and care. He truly believed that what you wear isn’t just jewellery, but a fragment of who you are!

What started as a whisper, after devoted effort and dedication, grew into a force to be reckoned with! Since 1905, Mangatrai Pearls over 5 generations, has expanded across Hyderabad into 15 showrooms and is hailed to be the Pioneer in the Pearls industry since its inauguration.

Enriching dialogue between people and artists of different generations and cultures, Mangatrai Pearls makes an unparalleled contribution to Indian society with its fascinating range of designs crafted with unmatched timeworn finesse. Each creation which is a part of the Mangatrai story, is imbued with an essence of the folklore and values of the land where it was born.

All Pearl Jewellery pieces are rare by their own right, and feature extraordinary precious and semi-precious gem stones to reflect the luxury of their rich Indian origin.

Artisans have been loyal to Mangatrai over generations and the family trade has been handed down over generations, making the skill a legacy within Mangatrai. A skill that is protected and trustworthy, creating masterpieces to inspire wonder in all those who behold them!

Re-creating these are out of the question, as designs can be duplicated, but not their story…not the painstaking effort and love poured into each piece, nor the meticulous details forged by hands that have mastered the fine art of creating jewellery worth a Lifetime.

Even today, Mangatrai’s proprietors themselves take a personal interest to maintain utmost quality and excellence in every piece crafted at Mangatrai. Right from the design process unto production, paramount purity and quality checks to ascertain satisfaction of all their clients.

Our esteemed Clientele over the past has included even members of Royal families from across the World, Presidential families, Film Stars, International Celebrities and other VIPs, who to this day are ardent followers of Mangatrai’s legacy.

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