Original Pearl Set, How much are they worth?

Pearl sets


Pearls are timeless and classic pieces of jewelry; they are also highly sought-after for their beauty and value. But how much is an original pearl set price? In this article, we'll discuss Hyderabadi pearl set designs as well as factors to be considered when estimating their value.



Introduction to Pearl Sets

It's critical to comprehend the different kinds of pearls that are offered in the market before buying pearl sets. There are three main types of pearls: cultured, natural, and imitation.

  1. Cultured Pearls are grown on farms and are the most common type of pearl found in jewelry stores.
  2. Natural pearls are extremely rare and are typically only found in antique pieces.
  3. Imitation pearls are usually made from glass or plastic and are of lower quality than cultured and natural.

Now that you know the types of pearls, you can narrow your search for the perfect original pearl jewellery sets. Culturing or imitation pearls will be your best bet if you want something more affordable.

Types of Pearls and their Cost

To make the best choice, you must first understand the types of pearls and their prices if you are looking for simple pearl set designs with prices.



    1. Akoya Pearls: Akoya pearls are the most classic and traditional type of pearl. They are white or cream-colored, with a high luster. Akoya pearls are grown in saltwater oysters in Japan and China. These pearls range from 2mm to 10mm, and their cost starts at RS 24000 per strand.



    2.Tahitian Pearls: Tahitian pearls are grown in saltwater oysters in French Polynesia. These pearls range from 8mm to 16mm, and their colors range from black to greenish-black. Tahitian pearls are the most expensive type of pearls, with a strand costing upwards of RS 50000.



    3. Freshwater Pearls: Freshwater pearls are grown in freshwater lakes and rivers in China. These pearls come in various colors, including pink, lavender, and white. Freshwater pearls come in sizes from 2mm to 14mm, and their cost starts at RS 2500 per strand.





    When it comes to the original pearl set price, there are several factors that can affect the cost. The type of pearl, the quality of the pearls, and the number of pearls in the set are all important considerations.



    • The type of pearl is one of the most critical factors in determining the price of a set. There are three main types of pearls: Akoya, Tahitian, and South Sea. South Sea pearls are the rarest type of pearls and are typically the most expensive.
    • The quality of the pearls is also an essential factor in determining price. Pearls vary in size, shape, color, and lustre. The higher-quality pearls will be larger, have a more uniform shape, are brightly colored, and have a higher sheen. The lower-quality pearls will be smaller, less uniformly shaped, less vividly colored, and less lustrous.
    • The number of pearls in the set is also a factor that can affect price. Pearl mala designs with the price are affordable for you. A set with fewer high-quality pearls will typically be more expensive than a set with lower-quality pearls.

    How much does Original Pearl Set Cost in Hyderabad?

    Jewelry is a timeless piece of art that can make any outfit look more glamorous. Pearls are one of the most popular types of jewelry, especially in Hyderabad. But just how much does an Original Pearl Set cost in Hyderabad

    When it comes to purchasing an original pearl set in Hyderabad, there are a few things you need to take into account. The first is the quality of the pearls.

    • There are four grades of pearls: A, AA, AAA, and AAAA. The highest quality pearls are usually found in AAAA sets.
    • The second thing you need to consider is the pearl set designs with prices in Hyderabad. The cost of pearl sets can range from a few thousand to one lakh.

    You can browse authentic pearl jewellery sets at Mangatrai; we stock the most recent styles of real pearls, and you can also ask about basic pearl set designs and pearl mala designs with prices. Buy online from our best collections what is made specifically for you.


    Overall, the pearl set cost in Hyderabad can vary depending on the size and quality of the pearls you choose. It is essential to research before purchasing to get precisely what you're looking for at an affordable price. We hope that after reading this, you have a clear understanding of how much an authentic pearl set cost in Hyderabad. Discover the best pearl jewellery designs in our mangatrai online store, whether you're looking for a special gift or something for yourself!

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